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Environmental and Social Report

Mitsubishi Logistics Environmental and Social Report is available for download in PDF format.

Environmental and Social Report 2016

1. Download all

Download all (PDF 3.57MB) (Extended version and Reference table for GRI guideline are included.)

2. Contents Page Download
Editorial Policy and Contents 1 (PDF 228KB)
Top Message and Introduction of Business 2~5 (PDF 666KB)
Promotion of CSR 6~11 (PDF 497KB)
Organizational Governance 12~13 (PDF 166KB)
Respect for Human Rights and Appropriate Working Environment 14~22 (PDF 743KB)
Environmental Conservation 23~26 (PDF 309KB)
Fulfillment of Sincere and Fair Business Activities and Provision of Safe, Quality and Useful Services 27~30 (PDF 416KB)
Coordination with Local Communities and International Society 31~33 (PDF 455KB)
Statement Supporting the UN Global Compact and Company Profile 34~35 (PDF 352KB)
3. Extended version

Extended version download (PDF 88.9KB)

4. Reference table for GRI guideline

Reference table for GRI guideline download(PDF 26KB)

5. Questionnaire

Questionnaire download (PDF 27.6KB)

Please send the completed questionnaire to the mail address or fax number that is listed in the questionnaire by attaching it to an e-mail or faxiing it.

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