List of board of directors

As of April 1,2024

Directors and Corporate Auditors

Position Name Position of Executive Officer and/ or Primary Occupation
Chairman Masao Fujikura  
Representative Director Hidechika Saito President
Director Munenori Kimura Managing Executive Officer
Director Akira Yamao Managing Executive Officer
Representative Director Masanori Maekawa Managing Executive Officer
Outside Director Tatsuo Wakabayashi Senior Advisor, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Outside Director Toshifumi Kitazawa Senior Executive Advisor, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd
Outside Director Tadaaki Naito Senior Advisor, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha
Outside Director Tetsuya Shoji Corporate Advisor of NTT Communications Corporation
Outside Director Kazuko Kimura Emerita Professor of National University Corporation Kanazawa University
Director Hitoshi Wakabayashi  
Director Shinji Kimura  
Corporate Auditor(full time) Yasushi Saito  
Outside Corporate Auditor(full time) Masanao Yamato  
Outside Corporate Auditor Yohnosuke Yamada Lawyer
Outside Corporate Auditor Takao Sato Certified Public Accountant
Corporate Auditor Junya Miura Full-time Corporate Auditor of Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd.
  1. *1Tatsuo Wakabayashi, Toshifumi Kitazawa, Tadaaki Naito, Tetsuya Shoji and Kazuko Kimura are Outside Directors as stipulated in the Companies Act Article 2, Item 15. The Company designated them as independent directors as required by the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and reported it to the Exchange.
  2. *2Masanao Yamato, Yohnosuke Yamada and Takao Sato are Outside Corporate Auditors as stipulated in the Companies Act Article 2, Item 16. The Company designated them as independent corporate auditors as required by the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and reported it to the Exchange.

Executive Officer

Position Name Responsibilities
President Hidechika Saito  
Managing Executive Officer Munenori Kimura Responsible for Planning, International Transportation Business, Overseas Business Planning & Coordination
General Manager, Corporate Planning Division
Managing Executive Officer Akira Yamao Responsible for Accounting & Financing, Information System
Managing Executive Officer Masanori Maekawa Responsible for General Affairs, Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Sustainability Promotion
General Manager, General Affairs Division and Corporate Communications Chamber
Managing Executive Officer Takashi Mukai Responsible for Technical and Real Estate Businesses
Managing Executive Officer Misao Kawamura Responsible for Harbor Transportation Business
Managing Executive Officer Eiichi Kato Responsible for Warehousing & Distribution Business
Senior Executive Officer Akio Miura General Manager, Nagoya Branch
Executive Officer Manabu Kusuyama General Manager, Information Systems Division
Executive Officer Naoyuki Inamo General Manager, Tokyo Branch
Executive Officer Chikara Kurimata Chairman, Project Hermes Holding Company
  • *Project Hermes Holding Company is the holding company for Cavalier Logistics Group, whose acquisition was completed on October 2, 2023.