About us

Corporate history

1887 Established as Tokyo Warehouse Limited Company by Koichiro Kawada and five other executives from the Mitsubishi Company, headquartered in Fukagawa, Tokyo.
Wada Terminal, Kobe

Built Japan's first port warehousing business-complete with links to rail transport - at the port of Kobe

1918 Changed name to Mitsubishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.
Edobashi Warehouse, our Tokyo headquarters

Built the Edobashi Warehouse building in Nihonbashi District of central Tokyo. Relocated the headquarters to a new building in 1931 and inaugurated Japan's first trunk-room service at the Edobashi Warehouse.

1951 Began offering truck transportation services through a newly established subsidiary, Ryoso Transportation Co., Ltd.
1962 Constructed a multi-purpose rental building for data centers, warehousing rooms and residential units in Fukagawa, Tokyo. The building is first of a successful series of rental buildings for computer-processing centers.
1970 Established U.S. affiliated company, Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corp., as a first step in building a combined, multimodal, international transportation business. Subsequently expanded the network by establishing subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.
1971 Began providing air transportation agency business through a newly established subsidiary, Unitrans Ltd.
Tokyo Dia Building

Opened Tokyo Dia Building No.1 in Shinkawa, Tokyo as a rental building exclusively for computer processing centers. Subsequently built four more buildings in series and added similar buildings in Yokohama and Osaka.

1987 Celebrated centennial
1992 In Takahama District in Kobe, constructed Harborland complex composed of rental commercial facilities, office buildings, the commercial complex 'Takahama Mosaic' and others facilities.
1996 Changed English name to Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation.
Automated warehouse

Completed Ohi Cold Storage Warehouse as the underpinning for Tokyo Metropolitan District's food supply.

2002 Completed refrigerated warehouse on Rokko Island, Kobe. Ohi Cold Storage Warehouse and Rokko Cold Storage Warehouse recorded about 63 thousand tons of refrigerated storage in total.
Air freight forwarding

Begin of full-scale air freight forwarding and consolidation, strengthening international multimodal transportation combining truck, sea, and air transportation.

2004 Established a forwarding subsidiary in China (Shanghai Lingyun Global Forwarding Co.,Ltd.), strengthening the business network in China.
Permit for packing, labeling and storing pharmaceutical products

Permit for packing. labeling and storing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment obtained.

2006 Opened "Yokohama Bay Quarter"
2007 Celebrated 120th anniversary
2010 Purchased all stocks of Singaporean logistics company, Pioneer Express International Pte Ltd, and enhanced our business based in the Asian region.
Brought in Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd. as our subsidiary.
2011 Established MLC ITL Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Vietnam.
Entered into capital and business alliance with JAL Group.
Established Dia Pharmaceutical Network Co., Ltd., a company specializing in transport of pharmaceutical products.
2012 Established Mitsubishi Logistics China Co., Ltd., the( logistics) business management company in China.
2014 Reconstructed our own warehouse in Edobashi, Tokyo (Head Office, Trunk Room Office) to become an office building (Head Office, rental office spaces, and Trunk Room Office : the Head Office was temporarily relocated from Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo for the duration of the reconstruction work from September 2011 to September 2014)
2022 Moved from the 1st Section to the Prime Market, due to the Market Restructuring of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.