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Corporate video

Mitsubishi Logistics Corporate video

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1.Logistics service

Chap.1 What is Logistics?[1m00s]

Chap.2 Specific example(1) Example:an automaker[1m26s]

Chap.3 Specific example(2) Example:an automotive air-conditioning manufacturer[1m16s]

Chap.4 Specific example(3) In the case of transportation of the pressurized module of "Kibo"[1m37s]

2.Warehouse and Distribution Operation / Service

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3.Overland transportation[1m06s]

4.International transportation[1m26s]

5.Port and Harbor Operations[1m53s]

6.Global expansion

Chap.1 Global network overview[1m49s]

Chap.2 Structure in China[1m59s]

7.Safeguards against environmental disasters ~Eco Friendly and Disaster-Resistant Warehouses~[1m50s]

8.Real estate

Chap.1 Office building[2m51s]

Chap.2 Retail facilities[1m44s]