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Reducing environmental impacts due to facilities

The Nagoya Branch Tobishima Warehouse attains Environmental Performance Certification, acquired "Class A"

The Tobishima Warehouse (Nagoya, Japan), completed in October 2008, boasts not only an earthquake-proof structure and a dust-proof clean environment on all floors, but also an ice thermal storage air-conditioning system and an intensity / human movement sensitive lighting system. Implementation of these measures has brought reductions in electricity usage and other areas, the result being a building high in environmental quality and performance and low in environmental impacts. The significant advances have earned the Tobishima Warehouse the environmental efficiency certification, the most prominent certification of its kind in Japan.

CASBEE Building Assessment Certificate

CASBEE Building Assessment Certification Card

"Greening" of facilities

Mitsubishi Logistics strives to coexist harmoniously with nature and protect the environment through initiatives such as creating roof-top gardens and wall gardens.

Newly established wall garden (August 2006)

Wall garden as of July 2009

Solar energy generation system (Photovoltaic)

Our Tosu Warehouse has been able to reduce CO2 emission by five tons a year with the introduction of the solar energy generation system.

Office initiatives

1. Our Headquarter approach

The Mitsubishi Logistics Edobashi Warehouse Building (Headquarters office and Trunk Room Office [Tokyo Branch]) has begun incinerating waste plastic, part of the industrial waste created in the business process. The power generated during incineration is sold to the electric company, reducing the amount of energy generated by the electric company, and in turn reducing the amount of CO2 emitted in to the atmosphere.

Certificate of reduction

Electrical energy output from recycled power generation was 1.7 times higher than that of FY2007.

Promotion of summertime power usage cutbacks

In accordance with of one of our key Rules of Conduct - to recognize the importance of environmental issues and cooperate in environmental protection activities - we are pouring major efforts into energy-saving and cost-cutting initiatives through strict air-conditioning temperature settings and time controls during the summer season. In addition, in line with our Environmental Policy, we implemented a rule dictating standard room temperatures to be changed from 27 °C (80 °F) to 28 °C (82 °F) in office areas from June to September 2008.

Promotion of green purchasing

The Mitsubishi Logistics Group strongly upholds the Green Purchasing policy. When purchasing various office supplies, we first rethink our purchases to make sure they are essential. We then consider not only quality and price, but the effect the product may have on preserving the global environment, selecting products that not only have little environmental impact, but also are actually good for the earth.