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Quality improvement initiative

Mitsubishi Logistics Group is stepping up various efforts so that our service can be considered an intergraded part of our customers' product quality. We are constantly moving forward with initiatives for quality improvement in order to remain a reliable partner to all customers.

Basic stance

Mitsubishi Logistics Group aims to conduct business through ideas and actions from the customer's perspective, becoming a company that enjoys the repeated business of loyal clientele. We will also make sweeping improvements to "quality of operations," "quality of business" and "quality of the company," aiming at increased customer satisfaction. We will further solidify customer confidence by maintaining high levels of quality in each area and promoting quality as our most important corporate strength.

Establishment of Quality Improvement Committee and its activities

The Quality Improvement Committee was established in April 2008, in order to reinforce Mitsubishi Logistics' efforts toward high quality and to launch a system that expands these efforts across the company. With the group's basic stance toward quality as the core of our functions, the committee will confirm and share this stance, implementing kaizen activities such as improvements at the office level. Quality Management Meetings, attended by management level members, will be held regularly to share information and establish and implement various measures. Finally, we will commend excellent case examples that contribute to quality improvement.

Meeting the needs of the customer

Mitsubishi Logistics Group believes that ES (employee satisfaction) is an essential factor in providing customers high-quality service; we therefore make great efforts to facilitate communication within the company and increase each employee's motivation.
We believe that creating an environment in which our employees can work with confidence and provide customer service with a smile will eventually lead to increased CS (customer satisfaction).

ISO acquisition status

With an aim to guarantee the highest level of service for our customers, Mitsubishi Logistics Group persistently works to obtain ISO9001, an international standard that ensures the continued maintenance of high-level quality management systems.

ISO9001 certified branches
Logistics Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd.* Certified May 2003
Real Estate Kobe Dia Maintenance Co., Ltd.* Certified July 1999

*Subsidiary company

Example of quality improvement initiatives

In an effort to improve quality, the Kobe Branch implemented the "Clear-out and Clean-up" Campaign.
Selected members of the promotion committee regularly patrol the branch, making sure the warehouse environment for handling customer cargo is efficiently and safely maintained, and that the office is organized so that administrative work can be performed competently and quickly.
As the movement firmly takes hold, employees have started conducting their own efforts by setting up a reuse box for office supplies, which contributes to a neater work area and reduced operation costs.
The Kobe Branch is planning an exchange of ideas with the Yokohama Branch in anticipation of advancing the project even further. We also plan to increase motivation through the establishment of an employee award system.