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Social action program and contributions

The Mitsubishi Logistics social contribution activities and donation programs conform to the corresponding Rules of Conduct that states, "To perform social contribution activities as a ‘good corporate citizen,’ being mindful of the local and global communities, while providing safe, high-quality and socially-valuable services."

Safe navigation for Panamanian-registered ships and Liberian-registered ships and prevention of marine pollution

On behalf of shipowners, Mitsubishi Logistics conducts registration of foreign vessels, including Panamanian- and Liberian-registered ships, and other related operations. For over 30 years, we have contributed to the safe navigation of Panamanian-registered ships and the prevention of marine pollution as part of our ship registration service, particularly through communicating the Panama Ocean Authority's notices concerning ship safety and pollution to various shipowners, while making recommendations to the Authority based on a consolidation of shipowner's requests. In 2007, the Panama Ocean Authority recognized our continual contributions and presented us with the Certificate of Merit (the first award to be presented to a Japanese company). We also instituted a new crews' quarter inspection system in 2006, enabling us to further contribute to safer operations on Panamanian-registered ships. In FY2008, we launched an audit system for the issuance of Liberian-registered ship International Ship Security Certificate and Safety Management Certificate. Mitsubishi Logistics employees authorized by Liberian authorities perform the audits; auditors are stationed in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Fukuoka (Japan) and act in accordance with instructions from the Liberian Authority.
We will continue our audit and inspection operations in order to contribute to the safe navigation of Panamanian- and Liberian-registered ships, the prevention of marine pollution, and overall ocean safety.

Participation in Mitsubishi Social Contribution Liaison Council

As a member of the Mitsubishi Group, we enthusiastically donate to academic and charitable enterprises and are involved in various volunteer activities.

Participation in community activities

We participate in many volunteer fire prevention and clean-up activities in local communities.

Program to benefit "Port Ai"*1 (Fukuoka Branch)

"Port Ai" is a program established by the city of Fukuoka to promote the beautification of Hakata Port roads, seawalls, parks and other public facilities. Local businesses cooperate with the city in the implementation of volunteer activities promoting environmental beatification. The Mitsubishi Logistics Fukuoka Branch applied as a corporate "Port Ai" volunteer and signed a mutual agreement with Fukuoka City in June 2003; we have continued our involvement in port beautification activities ever since.

*1"Port Ai"
Nickname for the Fukuoka Port District Environmental Beautification Volunteer Program

"Port Ai" activities