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Yokohama Dia Building attains Class S-CASBEE Yokohama's Highest Level of Assessment for Building Efficiency.

Heat island measures

CASBEE Building Assessment Certificate

On March 2009, the Yokohama Dia Building, currently under construction in the Yokohama Port Side area, acquired a "Class S" certificate, the highest level in an assessment system for evaluating building environmental efficiency (CASBEE Yokohama), making it the first Mitsubishi Logistics building to be rated as "Class S."
In this assessment system, Yokohama City focuses on four main areas: global warming measures, heat island measures, longevity measures and consideration to the city landscape. The following are some of the highly acclaimed initiatives in our efforts to preserve the environment.

Global warming measures

The exterior wall facing Yokohama Station boasts Japan's largest building material-integrated photovoltaic panels. The building's heat load is reduced through the application of natural energy as well as auto-control blinds that use a solar homing sensor and lighting controlled by daylight sensors.

Photovoltaic panel

Exterior of building

Heat island measures

As well as lowering the effect of heat with rooftop gardening and other measures, environmental impacts are also reduced by using outdoor air to cool the building when external air temperature is lower than room temperature during the winter and inter-season periods.

Longevity measures

Building sway is counterbalanced by vibrating weights with a computer-controlled driving mechanism. In addition, a hybrid vibration damping mechanism that combines active mass damper (AMD), to reduce vibration caused by wind, and vibration damping equipment (vibration damping brace, vibration damping wall) is used to increase the building's durability.

City landscape considerations

Improvements to the public arcade that connects Yokohama Station and the Port Side area have contributed greatly to the development of a pedestrian walkway network. A pocket park was also added to provide a bit of space for relaxation.