Environmental Policy

The Mitsubishi Logistics Group recognizes the importance of environmental issues, promoting activities for environmental preservation through corporate activities that are friendly to the environment while contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. 1We comply with laws and regulations relating to the environment.
  2. 2We endeavor for the training and enlightenment to raise the awareness of executives and employees about the environment and positively commit ourselves to environmental preservation activities with the recognition that involvement in environmental issues is indispensable to our corporate activities.
  3. 3We strive to restrict our environmental impact by efficiently utilizing the resources and energy that are essential to our business activities, implementing eco-friendly logistics equipment and facilities, purchasing eco-friendly goods and promoting the reduction of waste volume and recycling.
  4. 4We regularly verify our initiatives regarding environmental issues to continually improve our involvement.
  5. 5We make the Environmental Policy known to all parties affiliated with the Group and disclose it publicly.