Quality improvement initiatives

Basic stance

Mitsubishi Logistics Group aims to conduct business through ideas and actions from the customer's perspective, becoming a company that enjoys the repeated business of loyal clientele. We will also make sweeping improvements to "quality of operations," "quality of business duties" and "quality of the company," aiming at increased customer satisfaction.
Moreover, to ensure trust from customers, we will build on our efforts at ensuring good quality to become a corporation that can boast “quality” as its strength.

Dissemination of “Our Declaration of Quality”

Mouse pads and cards on which the declaration is printed

Mitsubishi Logistics Group established Our Declaration of Quality on September 1, 2008. We have also distributed mouse pads and cards on which the declaration is printed to all executives and employees to ensure that they are thoroughly aware of it.

Meeting the needs of the customer

Mitsubishi Logistics Group believes that ES (employee satisfaction) is an essential factor in providing customers high-quality service; we therefore make great efforts to facilitate communication within the company and increase each employee's motivation.
We believe that creating an environment in which our employees can work with confidence and provide customer service with a smile will eventually lead to increased CS (customer satisfaction).

ISO acquisition status

With an aim to guarantee the highest level of service for our customers, Mitsubishi Logistics Group persistently works to obtain ISO9001, an international standard that ensures the continued maintenance of high-level quality management systems.

Mitsubishi Logistics Group's ISO 9001 certification status
Logistics Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd. Certified May 2003
Shanghai Linghua Logistics Co., Ltd. Certified March 2012
Mitsubishi Logistics Thailand Co., Ltd. Certified March 2021
Real estate Dia Buil-Tech Co., Ltd. Certified June 2018

Example of quality improvement initiatives

Our Kobe Branch is conducting 4S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiketsu, Seiso) activities for quality improvement.
The Promotion Committee sought publicly in the office regularly goes on patrol to check if an environment that allows for the safe and efficient handling of customers' cargo is being maintained in the warehouse and if the office is well organized and kept neat to enable lean clerical work.
Recently, unique activities have been performed voluntarily (e.g. avoiding waste by installing a stationery reuse corner), and the 4S activities have gradually become established.
Going forward, the Kobe Branch will exchange opinions with Yokohama Branch, which started the 4S activities in advance, to further step-up and establish a commendation system to improve employees' motivation.

4S activity by Kobe Branch