Response to the AEO systems

The Company further strengthened initiatives for compliance with laws and regulations in export/import-related operations including warehousing services in bonded areas and customs clearance services under the Authorized Warehouse Operators’ Program and Authorized Customs Brokers Program, and by doing so, has been seeking to provide logistic services that customers can use without concern.

About the AEO systems
The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a system that aims both to secure and smoothen international logistics security through partnerships between private companies and customs.
Certificate of Authorized Warehouse Operator

Authorized Warehouse Operators’ Program

Under the Authorized Warehouse Operators’ Program, managers of bonded storage facilities and bonded factories who meet set conditions concerning compliance and other regulations, among other matters, are approved as an authorized warehouse operator, and as such are eligible for simplified procedures such as the establishment of bonded storage and other facilities through notification and special measures such as the exemption of permit fees. The system was introduced in October 2007 to strengthen security and improve efficiency in international logistics.

On April 8, 2008, the Company was approved by the Director-General of Tokyo Customs as an authorized warehouse operator under this program. Then, in April 2016, this approval was renewed.

Certificate of Authorized Customs Broker

Authorized Customs Brokers’ Program

Under the Authorized Customs Broker program, customer brokers who have established a system to manage the security of cargos and facilitate compliance (compliance with laws and regulations) are certified as authorized customs brokers, to whom solutions are provided to relax and/or simplify customs clearance procedures. The system was introduced in April 2008 for the purpose of strengthening security and improving efficiency in international logistics.

On June 15, 2017, the Company certified by the Director-General of Tokyo Customs as an authorized customs broker under this system.