Cutting-edge technology, innovation

Promoting sophistication, automation, and labor-saving in our logistics and real estate services and working with customers, partners, and other parties to standardize services and create platforms are extremely important themes for realizing a sustainable society. These initiatives are also aligned with the Group’s MLC2030 Vision.
One example of our initiatives in this respect is the opening of a distribution center for e-commerce in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, in July 2021, which utilizes the latest automated conveyance robots, etc. We will proactively develop these kinds of projects in Japan and overseas.


Measures, performance indicators, and target values for this theme

Priority issues and measures through business activities
  • Enhance and automate logistics/real estate services and save manpower
    • Logistics: Optimize warehouse operations and car allocation planning using AI, etc., respond to EC logistics, etc., automate equipment in warehouse facilities and make it labor-saving
    • Real estate: Enhance and reduce manpower of facility management operations using IT, etc.
Performance indicators Target values for FY2030
1 DX/IT-related* investment Cumulative investment of 50.0 billion yen for FY2021-FY2030
  • *Investment in reformation of services and business models based on the needs of customers and society using data and digital technology, and reformation of operations, organizations, processes, and corporate culture/climate