Safety, security, disaster response

Our vision for the Group starts with “safety and security”.
We will remain prepared from both the perspectives of hardware in logistics facilities, etc., and software in information systems, etc. to protect the safety of important cargos entrusted to us by our customers and provide a reliable sense of security.
In particular, we are moving ahead with disaster-resistant facilities to give our customers safety and security, both at warehouses where we store their products and at real estate where they are tenants or visitors.


Measures, performance indicators, and target values for this theme

Priority issues and measures through business activities
  • Provide infrastructure services that are sustainable even during disasters
    • Develop facilities with strong earthquake and wind pressure resistance that surpasses the requirements of various laws and regulations
    • Secure fuel for business continuity at distribution centers and in transportation operations during large-scale disasters
  • Develop high-quality logistics services that utilize temperature controls and security capabilities in Japan and overseas
    • Further utilize DP-Cool vehicles for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals
Performance indicators Target values for FY2030
1 Earthquake resistance standards for facilities*1 Maintain 110% of earthquake resistance standards
2 Percentage of required fuel secured*3 in target regions*2 100% of requirement secured
3 Utilization rate of DP-Cool vehicles*4 for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals 100% temperature-controlled transportation with DP-Cool vehicles
  1. *1Targeting logistics and real estate facilities owned by the Company that will be completed and begin operation from April 1, 2021 onward
  2. *2Targeting Nankai Trough Earthquake Disaster Countermeasure Promotion Areas as designated by the Cabinet Office
  3. *3Percentage of required fuel secured for use during large-scale emergencies for logistics facilities owned and operated by the Company with an area of approximately 16,550 square meters or more through maintaining reserve kerosene stored in-tank, contracts with oil distribution companies for priority fuel supply during disasters, etc.
  4. *4DP-Cool vehicle: Vehicles compatible with the “DP-Cool” temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals delivery service provided by the Group company Dia Pharmaceutical Network Co., Ltd.

Introducing initiatives

For more about initiatives relating to developing facilities that are "Disaster -resistant," see the feature article "Environmental and Social Report 2020" (p.8-9).