Interactions With Overseas Locations

Exhibits at the Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008

Since the founding of our American corporation (Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corp.) in 1970, we have expanded our global network in Europe, Asia, China, and elsewhere, having set up more than 70 offices in 13 countries as of March 2021. In order for the Company to sustain and expand overseas business activities, mutual understanding at the citizen level is indispensable in every location, which is why our overseas Group companies are all working to further mutual understanding by valuing connections with locals in various ways.
In November 2008, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia, the Company participated in the Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008 as a member of the Mitsubishi Group when it was held at the Jakarta Fair Ground in Kemayoran, Jakarta. We presented examples of how we greatly contribute to society in environmental aspects as well, for instance by cutting CO2 emissions.
This event was held with the aim of improving exchanges and mutual understanding at various levels between Japan and Indonesia, economically, scientifically, technologically, and culturally. Advanced technologies in Japanese science and industry as well as animation and traditional culture were presented through the participation of 117 companies and organizations, creating a successful event that was visited by a total of 170,000 people over nine days.
We believe that the Group has a mission of continuing to promote interactions all over the world, not only at the corporate level but also at the employee (citizen) level, to deepen mutual understanding and thereby conduct business in close contact with the local areas.