Office buildings

Nihonbashi Dia Building

Seismic Performance
The adoption of an intermediate seismic isolation structure for the low-and high-rise section is also effective in mitigating the effects of long-period ground motion.
Power Security
Emergency power generators can supply building and tenant office power requirements including HVAC and lightning.
Flooding Countermeasures
Critical building equipment and facilities are installed on 7F and the rooftop level.
Building Wastewater Recycling System
Toilets will continue to function even in the event of interruption of city water supply/drainage service.
Environmental performance
Acquired the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's highest energy-saving performance assessment, the AAA rating.
Uses RE100-compliant electricity.


19-1, Nihonbashi, 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


September 2014

Structure and scale

Intermediate : Seismic isolation
Upper:Steel, Lower:Steel-reinforced concrete/partially reinfoeced concrete
Above ground:18 floors, Undergound:1 floor

Total floor area

30,029.44 m2

Leasable floor area

1,007.66 m2

Floor load bearing

500 kg/m2(heavy duty zone 1,000 kg/m2

Ceiling height

2,950 mm (+raised floor:100 mm)


Individual system

Parking lot



3-minute walk from Nihombashi Station, Tokyo Metro subway
5-minute walk from Mitsukoshimae Station, Tokyo Metro subway
6-minute walk from Kayabacho Station, Tokyo Metro subway
13-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station

Floor Plan