Office buildings

Tokyo Dia Building No.5

  • The robust anti-seismic performance of building, undergoned “High-rise building structure assessment”
  • Reliable power supply equipment and large emergency power generators sources for 24/365 power supply.
  • Two layers of security at the building entrance and the office entrances.
  • Various convenient facilities for tenants, including dining halls, rental meeting rooms, and rental conference rooms, are available.
  • Uses RE100-compliant electricity.


1-28-23, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


January 1990

Structure and scale

Steel/partially steel reinforced concrete, Above ground:15 floors, Undergound:2 floors

Total floor area

46,779.87 m2

Leasable floor area

1,956.41 m2

Floor load bearing

500 kg/m2

Ceiling height

2,600 mm (+raised floor:400 mm)


Individual system

Parking lot

260,Underground parking garages (total for buildings No.1-5)


8-minute walk from Kayabacho Station, Tokyo Metro subway
5-minute walk from Exit B4 of Hatchobori Station, JR and Tokyo Metro Subway Line

Floor Plan