Office buildings

Yokohama Dia Building

  • The 160m-tall skyscraper building features offices with panoramic views
  • Freedom to create an optimum office layout in over 1,500㎡ of column-free space per floor
  • The comfort and confidence of cutting-edge functionality
  • Safety of advanced seismic engineering featuring a hybrid seismic damping structure of vibration-control braces and walls
Eco-friendly performance
  1. 1Solar panels on exterior wall surfaces
  2. 2Low-E multi-layer glass and an air barrier method reduce the air-conditioning load.
  3. 3Automated blind systems track the sun’s movement and automatically adjust the slat angle
  4. 4Automatic lighting control system, using daylight sensors and human-detecting sensors
  5. 5Re-use system of rainwater and drainage


1-7, Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


December 16, 2009

Structure and scale

Above ground:Steel, Undergroud: Steel-reinforced concrete
Above ground:31 floors, Undergound:2 floors

Total floor area

69,967.00 m2

Leasable floor area

1,523.04 m2

Floor load bearing

500 kg/m2(heavy duty zone 1,000 kg/m2

Ceiling height

2,900 mm (+raised floor:100 mm)


Individual system

Parking lot



3-minute walk from Yokohama Station (Northeast Exit) on JR, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Keihin Kyuko Line, Sotetsu Line and the Yokohama Municipal Subway
Bay Quarter Walk, a pedestrian deck, connects the building directly to the station

Floor Plan