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Management planning

Mitsubishi Logistics Group New Medium-term Management Plan FY2016–2018

Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation has developed a new medium-term management plan for FY2016–2018, ending in the fiscal year ending March 2019. This plan is designed to further enhance overall Group corporate value and reinforce future growth in response to the rapid changes in the political, economic and social climates in Japan and around the globe.

Basic Policy

  1. 1Improve and expand our logistics business to adapt to the change of the global supply chains of customers in Japan and around the globe
  2. 2Reinforce and expand the revenue framework of the real estate business
  3. 3Enhance the service quality of Group services and the promotion of CSR
  4. 4Select and concenter of management resources

Basic Strategy

The following three points, based on the Basic Policy, form our Basic Strategy.

1Expand domestic and international logistics services in tandem and strengthen the logistics business base
Expand the field of domestic and international logistics services in tandem by thoroughly ensuring that the first priority is placed on customers.
In addition, promote the improvement of the system through reorganization, etc. to reinforce the logistics business framework and improve the service quality and reinforce cost competitiveness.
2Expand the real estate business with an emphasis on leases
Acquire long-term and stable profitability in the real estate business, by maintaining and improving the features and functions of existing properties, by expanding businesses other than building leasing.
3Strengthen the Group management base
Promote the reinforcement of Group management, and select and concenter management resources, and enhance overall Group productivity. In addition, thoroughly ensure risk management including disaster countermeasures, global environment measures, compliance and CSR as well as implement proper capital policy and secure financial soundness, thereby enhancing corporate value.

Plan Period and Corporate Performance Goals

FY2016 to FY2018 (three years)
2Performance goals (FY2018 consolidated basis)
Operating Revenue : 240 billion yen
Operating Income : 15.5 billion yen
Ordinary Income : 17.5 billion yen
EBITDA : 28.8 billion yen
(EBITDA = operating income + depreciation)

(Reference) Comparison of FY2015 figures and targets for FY2018

Consolidated Figures (Unit : billion yen)
    FY2015 FY2018 FY15/FY18 ratio
Amount of change Rate of change
Operating Revenue Total 215 240 +25 12%
Logistics 177.1 202 +24.9 14%
Real estate 39.8 40 +0.2 1%
Inter-segment transactions -1.9 -2 -0.1 -
Operating Income Total 11.7 15.5 +3.8 32%
Logistics 6.6 9.2 +2.6 39%
Real estate 10 11.3 +1.3 13%
Total group costs -4.9 -5 -0.1 -
Ordinary Income 14 17.5 +3.5 25%
EBITDA 25.4 28.8 +3.4 13%

(Note) FY2015 shows assessment figures announced publically.

Investment Plan

During this period, investments totaling 60 billion yen are planned: 30 billion yen allocated to the logistics business and 30 billion yen to the real estate business.

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