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Management planning

The MLC2030 Vision

The MLC2030 Vision(*)

(*)The MLC2030 Vision reflects goals that the Group aims to accomplish by 2030.
  MLC is the abbreviation of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation, or the Company's
  English name.

For more than 130 years since our establishment, the Group has been contributing to the creation of an affluent and sustainable society through logistics businesses with a focus on warehousing. Going forward, the Group has conceived the following MLC2030 Vision to ensure that we continue to conduct customer-oriented operations and become an innovator in future society while simultaneously seeking to be a corporate group that remains the partner of choice for customers in Japan and abroad.

Contributing to the improvement of customer's value,
we offer comprehensive logistics solutions to
the management of customer's supply chains,
from procurement to distribution/sales, as their partner.

2Growth strategy
The Group will take the following steps under its growth strategy to accomplish the MLC2030 Vision.

(1) Establish a customer-oriented support system
The Group will establish a customer-oriented support system with a focus on the medical/health care, food/beverage, machinery/electrical machine and materials(*) industries as priority areas, and will take on comprehensive supply chain challenges as the customer's partner. Through these efforts, the Group will seek to expand its business domain and boost its market share.
(*) We added "Materials," the market which is expected to expand toward 2030, as a priority area.

(2) Expand overseas businesses
The Group will move forward with system enhancements to support customer supply chains in the medical/health care and food/beverage industries and strengthen its forwarding business with demand for high quality cold chains expected to grow in a number of regions such as Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

(3) Secure stable profits in the port and harbor transportation and real estate businesses
The Group will further enhance the competitiveness of its port and harbor transportation business by leveraging its cargo handling services, the efficiency of which is ranked among the highest globally, while at the same time developing complexes and facilities and boosting its operational capability in the real estate business. By doing so, it will seek to secure stable profits.

(4) Improve operational processes and further utilization of new technologies
The Group will review the operational processes of all businesses and facilitate efficient operations by utilizing new technologies such as IoT, AI and robotics. Through these efforts, it aims to improve service quality and production efficiency.

(5) Strengthen the Group management base
The Group aims for growth by strengthening cost competitiveness through organizational management across the Company and its Group companies and securing/developing human resources, particularly in the priority areas.

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