Management Plan

Mitsubishi Logistics Group Management Plan FY2022-FY2024

The Mitsubishi Logistics Group ("the Group") has formulated the Management Plan covering the three-year period that ends in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025.

In the MLC2030 Vision announced in March 2019, the Group established the ideal image of the Mitsubishi Logistics Group in 2030 as follows: "Contributing to the improvement of customer's value, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions to the management of customer's supply chains, from procurement to distribution/sales, as their partner."

In the Management Plan FY2019-FY2021, which is the first stage in realizing the MLC2030 Vision, despite the unforeseen business environment caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we promoted the continued provision of safe, high-quality, and socially useful services centered on our core warehousing business, strengthening of the business foundations of the priority areas, the establishment of a system that leverages new technologies, and an increase in shareholder returns.

In the Management Plan FY2022-FY2024, which is the second stage in realizing the MLC2030 Vision, we have established five basic policies centered on strengthening the profitability of the logistics business in order to further advance these initiatives. The Group as a whole will promote these measures and achieve a record-high operating income of ¥20 billion. In addition, we will achieve an ROE of 7% as a new financial target. Based on a strong earnings base and an appropriate financial base, we will work to further enhance shareholder returns, increase capital efficiency, and further improve corporate value.

Management Plan FY2022-FY2024

1. Basic Policy

  1. 1Strengthen the profitability of the logistics business
  2. 2Expand growth bases in our overseas business
  3. 3Expand the real estate business
  4. 4Utilize cutting-edge technology
  5. 5Strengthen the Group management base

2. Financial Targets

FY2019 (Results) FY2020 (Results) FY2021 (Results) FY2024 (Target)
Operating income ¥12.2 billion ¥11.7 billion ¥18.1 billion ¥20.0 billion
ROE 4.1% 12.9%* 5.4% 7%
  • *Gain on disposal of non-current assets and compensation income, etc. as a result of factors such as the partial transfer of a site for the Company's Real Estate Business around Nagoya Station was recognized as extraordinary income.

3. Shareholder Return Policy

We will pay stable and continuous dividends with a DOE of 2% or more, taking into consideration the balance among corporate performance, growth investment, and capital efficiency. In addition, we will flexibly acquire treasury shares on a scale that exceeds the amount of treasury share acquisition (approximately ¥20.0 billion) in the Management Plan FY2019-FY2021 (guideline of ¥30.0 billion or more).

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