International transportation

Large and heavy cargo transportation

Our dedicated staff leverages their expertise and knowhow to coordinate all of the logistics processes for large and heavy objects and ensure the safety and timeliness of transportation.

Outline of services

Handling large and heavy objects requires special expertise and knowhow. Our experienced, specialized staff ensure the safety and timeliness of our deliveries.
Our dedicated staff coordinate overall logistics including the supply of materials for the construction of customers' plants in China, Southeast Asia or in other overseas countries and regions.
We handle many large and heavy objects such as heavy machinery, railway vehicles, large engines for power stations and equipment for passenger terminals.
We research transportation routes very carefully in accordance with cargo and conditions that might impact transportation, such as the cargo being break bulk (BB), a heavy lift (HL) item, or out of gauge (OOG), and propose transportation methods that are feasible and safe.

Image provided by JAXA
Image provided by JAXA
Transportation of railroad vehicles

Features of the service

  • Dedicated staff with expertise and knowhow handle the entire process.
  • We can formulate a meticulous plan for transportation in accordance with the characteristics of your specific cargo, and can also coordinate overall logistics.
  • We operate packinghouses at the ports of Yokohama, Osaka, and Kobe.
    (Daikoku Packing Center, Sakurajima Packing Center, Rokko Warehouse B)

For customers:

  • who want to send a large and/or heavy object overseas;
  • who want to consign everything from the transportation of materials necessary for the construction of a large plant overseas to their installation; and
  • who have to send cargo with a weight or height issues and cannot send it by road unless measures are taken.

Solutions we can provide

  • Procurement and manufacturing of special transportation equipment
  • Prior negotiations with related government agencies
  • Obtaining transport approval
  • Arranging sea-based and land-based security
  • Driving test
  • Removal of traffic lights, pedestrian bridges and other obstacles to transportation
  • Measuring and recording impact speeds, temperature, and humidity
  • Our staff's presence throughout the entire process


About our international transportation services
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Daily, excluding weekends, national holidays, and end-of-year and New Year holidays (from December 30 to January 4)