Sports goods/apparel

  • I want to outsource shipping center work for sports products, outdoor products, and clothing.
  • Can I outsource everything from marine and air transport to domestic storage, logistics processing, and small cargo delivery when importing products from overseas?
  • I want to outsource logistics processing, including inspecting, needle detection, attaching price tags, etc.
  • I want to increase the quality of products that are shipped and reduce returns.
  • Can I inspect products at the overseas warehouse before shipping them to Japan?

Features as a Logistics Company

One-stop service

We help reduce the burden on customer logistics management by offering one-stop import logistics services.

Quality management through logistics processing

We are able to incorporate quality management into logistics processing by engaging in inspections and logistics processing based on customer standards.
We can also station inspection supervisors with technical qualifications.

Inspections with optimal lighting (JIS regulations)
Handy needle detection

Inspections and needle detections overseas

We inspect and detect needles in Italy for clothing headed for Japan.

X-ray inspection device
Inspection with handy needle detection device


About logistics in Japan
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