Outsourcing of operations such as the kitting (setup), delivery, installation, and maintenance of information and communication equipment

24-hour and 365-day one-stop service supporting the life-cycles of information and communication equipment.

Outline of services

The Fuji logistics Co., Ltd. LC-L Center is a service control center operating a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year managing transportation statuses and delivery and installation processes all around Japan.
It can also support the set up, installation, and simple maintenance of equipment and has handled various information and communication equipment and electronic equipment including compact equipment up to middle and large-sized equipment.

For customers:

  • Who wants somebody to deliver and install large information and communication equipment at night on a holiday.
  • There are an increasing number of instances where maintenance and replacement parts are urgently delivered to end users all across Japan.
  • Who wants to outsource the entire initial setup of information devices for sales representatives.
  • Who are looking for a work space for customizing our products.
  • Who are outsourcing delivery, installation and after-sales services of products and equipment to different companies, and it is hard to manage work progress.
  • Who wants to outsource their delivery, installation, and collection based on the prior mapping of robots.

Solutions we provide

  • The Group provides LC-L services that provide a 24-hour and 365-day one-stop support for the entire lifecycle of information and communication equipment, etc. from transportation and installation to simple maintenance, removal, and collection.
  • We have a kitting space in the Group's logistics facility supporting software installation, initial setup, and other work. That space can also be used by customers to do work themselves.
  • The emergency delivery of replacement and maintenance parts is possible from distribution bases (Parts Centers) around Japan.
  • *Use of the LC-L services including kitting is limited to corporate customers.


About logistics in Japan
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