Online inventory information management system (system name: e-ORDER)

It helps solve issues with logistics for import goods arriving in Japan.

System overview

The system allows customers to order the shipping of products and check inventory over the internet, making it possible to centrally manage the inventories of multiple locations.
It also permits downloading of acceptance and delivery history data as well as inventory data.

Anticipated customers

Sellers of imported processed food

Solving issues like this

You want to easily check inventories of multiple warehouses online, for example to formulate a sales plan.

You can check inventories according to whether goods have been customs cleared or not.

It's convenient as you can check inventories online upon request from customers as well as submit shipping orders from the same screen.

You can submit shipping orders while checking how much is in stock. You can also select destinations from a list.

You want statistical data to analyze performance by shipping destination.

You can download inventory, acceptance, and delivery data as well as shipping order data as statistical data.