Documents and records storage system (system name: documents management system)

This system solves issues with managing the storage of documents that your company produces.

System overview

Document storage

We accept records by the box, including various types of documents to be saved and magnetic tape. Customers can make requests through our online system for us to collect (receive) or temporarily send over documents to be saved. System functions like hierarchical management and approvals can be customized to suit the customer's corporate structure.


This system can also be used to submit disposal orders for documents and records that we have received. A date can be defined in advance when a notification of the approaching end of a retention period is sent out.

Anticipated customers

General affairs units, business management units, and accounting units at business firms

Solving issues like this

Growing volumes of documents needed to run the company, such as bills and other accounting documents as well as payment documents and circular letters for decision-making, have made the office crowded. Having multiple locations also complicates the management. You want to discuss this, including management approaches.

We can handle storage and management by the box. Moreover, you can give instructions online so that documents are delivered (temporarily sent) to your office on the date you designate.

The volumes of documents needed to run the company, such as accounting and payment, have grown, but you forget in which box you stored them, so it's difficult to find them later on. Is it possible to manage this with ease by using online and other means?

You can manage saved document contents by the box.

You have documents that must be saved for a certain time period according to your document management regulations, but you don't have space for them all and don't have time to dispose of them. Isn't there any service that lets you know when a retention period is ending?

A notification will be sent in writing by post or otherwise at a date registered in advance (e.g., 3 months before the period end) ahead of the approaching end of a retention period. You can also submit disposal orders online.