Establishment of Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Apr. 23, 2007


On April 16, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation established a representative office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Overview of Vietnam representative office

Name Vietnam Representative Office of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
Address Suite 12, Business Center, Sun Wah Tower, 115 Nguyen Hue Blvd, Dist.1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TEL 84-8-821-9582
FAX 84-8-821-9187
Director Megumi Fujisawa

Background and objectives

Vietnam is currently in the spotlight due to the momentum generated through China-plus-one strategy, an initiative to diversify potential risks generated by the disproportionate emphasis on investments in China, and Vietnam's admission into WTO. Although the influx of foreign companies expanding into Vietnam is expected to drastically accelerate, the infrastructure for logistics has yet to be organized, and there are challenging complexities in the import and export and customs clearance system to be tackled.
We, therefore, established our representative office in an effort to satisfy the increasing demand for logistics support services while researching the business environment further and developing new services.

Overview of services

For Japanese companies located in Vietnam or those considering expansion into Vietnam, we offer our global network, logistics know-how and our local agency's (Vietfracht) logistics services.

Future developments

We have already established the Southeast Asia regional operations management to strengthen the cooperation among locally incorporated companies in the ASEAN region. For the future, to integrate South China and ASEAN as a unified logistics market, we are considering the establishment of a locally incorporated company in Vietnam, which already serves as the connecting point for the regional market.


In South China and Southeast Asia, Mitsubishi Logistics Group's locally incorporated companies operate in five countries - China (Shenzhen and Hong Kong), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia - and we are considering an expansion into India in the future. These regions comprise a total of 20 offices and 418 employees, including 12 Japanese representatives.
Also, in North China and East China, we have 40 offices and 333 employees, including seven Japanese representatives.