Establishment of Representative Office in New Delhi, India

Oct. 02, 2007


On October 1, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation established a representative office in New Delhi, India.

Overview of India representative office

Name India Liaison Office of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
Address Level 4, Rectangle 1, D-4, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi, 110017
TEL 91-11-4051-4228
FAX 91-11-4051-4052
Representative Kosuke Fujii

Background and objectives

As India's high growth rate continues, the influx of Japanese automobile and other manufacturers to India is also accelerating, targeting the country's massive market. Recently, production plants for export-use are also being established. As such, the demand for logistics is expected soar in the near future.
On the other hand, as illustrated by the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, for which Japan has signed a partnership memorandum with India, the infrastructure for logistics in India, such as roads, ports and railroads, is a big issue in the development of the logistics market.
We established our representative office in an effort to satisfy the increasing demand for logistics services and to provide optimum solutions mainly for Japanese companies in this rapidly developing and ever-changing Indian market.

Overview of services

For Japanese companies located in India or those considering expanding into India, we will meet research and consultation demands regarding logistics, including handling of the underdeveloped infrastructure and complicated customs clearance system, while providing import / export and domestic logistics services for businesses in India.
As we have developed cooperative relationships with our partner companies in each region of India, we can support customer logistics needs not only in and around New Delhi, but all over India.

Future developments

As well as further strengthening cooperation with our highly valued partner companies in India, we will research and consider establishing a locally incorporated company through a joint venture or independent capital.