Launch of Marine Transportation Services to Manaus, Brazil

Aug. 28, 2008


On August 21, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation entered into an agency agreement with Bringer Lines, an American shipping company, to start marine transportation services to Manaus, Brazil. We utilize space on the ship of Bringer Lines' partner company for the segment between Japan and Savannah (Georgia, U.S.), and transship to Bringer Lines' feeder ship at Savannah for further transport to Manaus. Because the transshipment is performed at the port of Savannah, a major U.S. east coast seaport, we are now able to provide fast and dependable services.

Present sales policies

This new service targets the shipping of parts from Japan and other Asian countries to Japanese companies manufacturing motorcycles and consumer electronics in Manaus for Brazil's domestic market.

Future developments in Brazil

With this parts shipping service as the driving force, we aim to gain headway in other distribution areas in Brazil, such as delivery center services for Japanese consumer-electronics companies located in Manaus.
In an effort to expand business in Brazil, we have transferred employees from Japan and the U.S. to Brazil to join in sales activities in cooperation with our local agency. At the same time, we are now researching the establishment of our own representative office in Brazil as well.