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The state of logistics in Japan

The Japanese logistics industry comprises independent operators of land transportation, marine transportation, air freight forwarding and warehousing, combining their strengths and specialties to provide comprehensive logistics services. Additionally, foreign logistics and real estate companies are involved in developing large-scale leased facilities.
Mitsubishi Logistics factors in among these players by designing and developing the hardware - our warehousing facilities - and by integrally mobilizing the software - our logistics know-how such as inventory management, storage technology and information systems. We provide a comprehensive logistics service on a global level through a uniqueness that strategically combines this hardware and software with a wide range of transportation methods.

Mitsubishi Logistics warehousing facility development

Mitsubishi Logistics has established branches and warehouses in all six of Japan's largest ports.
We are constantly enhancing and expanding operations to meet the requirements of each type of cargo and the needs of each customer. For example, we have warehouses situated near port facilities that are equipped for import / export customs clearance, as well as warehouses located in key inland areas to enhance delivery of products manufactured domestically to the corresponding highest areas of consumption.
In regions where we have not yet established warehouses, our partner companies can be relied on for high quality logistics services. Please contact us no matter where you are located or what your logistics needs are.

Our logistics facilities in Japan

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