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Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We want to outsource our repair center services for products such as personal computers, television monitors and rear-projectors.

Target / region

California, U.S.A.

Provide the optimum solution

  • Mitsubishi Logistics provides repair center services for our customers involved in manufacturing.
  • Mitsubishi Logistics receives faulty or damaged products directly from mass retailers, perform the repairs and redeliver.
  • Mitsubishi Logistics can rebuild faulty or damaged products and make them ready for entry into the market as finished products.


Mitsubishi Logistics shows a very low rate of returns that cannot be repaired and must be processed as scrap. This success rate has earned an excellent reputation among our customers for the high level of repair skills our technicians display.

Our overall services

Repair center operations at Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corp.Repair center operations at Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corp.
  • The repair center accepts faulty and damaged products from mass retailers.
  • The status of each malfunction is confirmed and classified.
  • Mitsubishi Logistics manages everything from malfunction classification to repair progress status and inventory of useable components.
  • We repairs products and return them to the manufacturer's end client.
  • We process irreparable items as scrap.

Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corp.

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