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Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We need to arrange overseas transport for over-sized precision equipment.
  • We are not likely able to transport the cargo in its original state over regular roads due to weight and height restrictions. We also need a transportation method that can protect the cargo from heavy impacts and changes in humidity and temperature.

Provide the optimum solution

After fully grasping the characteristics and condition of the cargo, Mitsubishi Logistics performs a careful survey of transport pathways that meet the required transport environment and propose an applicable and safer transportation method.
We carry out the following tasks as needed to ensure the best transportation possible.

  • Procurement / fabrication of equipment and facilities needed for special transportation needs
  • Advanced negotiations with concerned government ministries
  • Acquisition of transportation permits
  • Arrangements for marine and land security
  • Trial run of transportation route
  • Dismantling of traffic lights, pedestrian bridges and other possible obstacles during transportation
  • Measuring and recording results of impact accelerometer and thermo-hygrometer measurements
  • Watching of entire transportation process by Mitsubishi Logistics staff member


As a comprehensive logistics service provider, Mitsubishi Logistics takes advantage of every type of technology available to get the job done properly. We are second to none when it comes to providing methodical and precise handling of our customers' valuable cargo.

Our overall services

Photo provided by JAXA
Photo provided by JAXA
Photo provided by JAXA

  • Traveling overland at ultra-low speeds
    Mitsubishi Logistics devises various solutions to ensure safe driving when encountering obstacles such as traffic signals or pedestrian bridges. For example, special equipment is utilized to temporarily adjust the height of the vehicle or to trim part of the road surface.

  • Transport via river by barge
    When transport over land alone is not feasible, Mitsubishi Logistics also utilizes rivers and canals.
    Weights can be used to adjust the height of the load from the water surface when passing through floodgates.

  • Loading onto ocean vessels
    Mitsubishi Logistics' staff may accompany special cargo during marine transport to foreign countries.

  • Delivery by trailer to final overseas destination

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