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Logistics service

We provide optimal services based on customer needs, region and business type.

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Logistics streamlining (efficiency improvement) / cost reduction

Joint storage
Joint storage service is available.
Packing, labeling and storage of pharmaceutical products & medical equipment
Mitsubishi Logistics provides packing, labeling and storage services for pharmaceutical product and medical equipment with our on-site pharmacists.
In-factory inventory control
Mitsubishi Logistics takes care of factory inventory control, loading and unloading, and inventory transfers between factories at the customer's site.
Order management service
Offering order management services.
Joint delivery
Enabling joint delivery of products with multiple customers.
JIT delivery
Providing just-in-time deliveries to meet production requirements.
International multimodal transportation
Creating the optimal combined shipping methods for overseas transport.
Large-size precision goods delivery
Arranging door-to-door delivery of large-size precision equipment to overseas destinations.
Logistics administrative work
Serving as import logistics administrative agent for shipments from overseas.
Delivery control
Providing support for deliveries synchronized with factory production schedules.

Reduction of environmental impact

Modal shift
Helping to reduce environmental impacts by changing transport method toward railway and coastal vessel transportation.

Security arrangement

Support diversification of risk in preparation for disaster
Managing multiple storage facilities to diversify risk factors for disaster-prevention.