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Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • Due to the overseas transfer of an automotive production plant, we now need to export large quantities of knockdown parts. JIT (just-in-time) delivery directly connected to the production line is essential, but we handle a wide variety of parts and we need comprehensive management functions for line delivery.

Provide the optimum solution

  • As Mitsubishi Logistics controls the use of several carriers, we can manage both transport and delivery in an effective manner, helping the customer secure a sustainable procurement system synchronized with the production line.


While maintaining a stable and consistent service, Mitsubishi Logistics is prepared to respond flexibly in an emergency as needed.

Our overall services

  • Through Mitsubishi Logistics' customer EDI connection, we integrate shipment information into our progress management system, allowing us to respond immediately to delivery requests.
  • When transportation is affected by bad weather or other factors, Mitsubishi Logistics immediately creates revised delivery plans and implement emergency transportation arrangements.

Example operation flow

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Logistics streamlining (efficiency improvement) / cost reduction

Reduction of environmental impact

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