Human resource development, improving employee satisfaction

In April 2021, we introduced a regional system for general employees that will enable a variety of workstyles according to our employees’ lifestyles.
In addition to clarifying and managing the duties of each position, we will also work on creating environments that support work-life balance for employees.
At the same time, we will expand our training system toward developing global human resources.


Measures, performance indicators, and target values for this theme

Priority issues and measures through business activities
  • Develop personnel and welfare programs that value each individual employee
    • Establish a personnel system that accommodates a variety of workstyles
    • Create an environment that helps balance work and life
  • Develop global talents
    • Develop global talents through expansion of training programs, etc.
Performance indicators Target values for FY2030
1 Ratio of regional general employees*1 30%
2 Ratio of employees taking child-care leave*2 60%
3 Ratio of employees with experience in overseas assignments*3 25%
  1. *1General employment for limited workplace regions introduced in April 2021 for realizing diverse and flexible workstyles
  2. *2System that allows male and female workers who are nurturing a child under the age of 2 to apply to take leave for child-care until the child becomes 2 years old
  3. *3General employees with experience in overseas assignments (including training programs)

Introducing initiatives

Please see the following pages for more about our initiatives.