Creating comfortable workplaces

Toward the prevention of industrial accidents

Each branch has an “Industrial Safety and Health Committee” (and a Health Committee at Head Office) to share information with operating bases including operation-commission and cargo-handling companies where operations are outsourced. In addition, we strive to prevent industrial accidents by conducting safety and health education and safety patrols inside and outside the facilities.

Industrial Safety and Health initiatives

To effectively fulfill its obligation of safety, which is required of every corporation, the Company proactively takes initiatives to maintain and promote employees’ health.

Periodic medical checkup

A medical checkup is conducted once a year that focuses on tests for lifestyle-related diseases. Although long working hours have become a social problem in recent years, the Company has implemented a framework to minimize the health risks of employees due to a heavy workload through enhanced interview guidance from industrial physicians to those with long working hours.

Toward health promotion

Health promotion seminar

Health promotion seminars are held for the purpose of maintaining good health and improving the lifestyles of employees. (The seminars were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.) At these seminars, simple aerobics dance programs are offered to encourage employees to engage in light physical exercise in addition to lectures (on mental health and eating habit guidance) given by experts.

Regional system for general employees

In order to achieve the MLC2030 Vision, it is necessary to encourage the active participation of employees more than ever, which requires strategic human resource development and human resource allocation.
As a characteristic of the Company’s Logistics Business, maintaining the certainty and quality of operations at each sales office, which are our logistics sites, forms the basis of the services we provide to our customers, and the stable allocation of employees who have the experience and knowledge of those operations is essential.
In recent years, in view of the fact that there have been cases where general employees are unable to accept transfers due to family circumstances, etc., and it is difficult for them to carry out their duties without limiting the areas in which they work, we have divided general employees into “general employees (no limits on workplace regions)” an “regional general employees (limits on workplace regions)” whose aim is to strengthen the on-site and sales capabilities in each region, in order to secure and develop future management personnel and ensure a work system that is more suitable for employees to demonstrate their abilities.

General employees
Engage in a wide range of corporate operations in a variety of regions including overseas as core employees and are responsible for facilitating business growth and management.
Regional general employees
Engage in a wide range of corporate operations mainly in certain areas and are responsible for facilitating business growth and management.

Although screening is necessary, the system allows employees to switch between categories in accordance with their circumstances. It is expected that this will contribute to improvements in employee satisfaction.

Work-life balance

Pursuant to the implementation of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, the Company formulated the “Ordinary Business Owner Action Plan” and implemented a child-care leave system, a reduced working hours system, a nursing care leave system, a general care leave system and a family care leave system to assist with the coexistence of employees’ working life and home life. Furthermore, the Company encourages the enhanced use of annual paid vacations to reduce working hours in a year and has introduced a systematic granting system (six days per year) of annual paid vacations under labor-management collaboration.

Acquisition results for various leave systems
System Description Results (number of beneficiaries)
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Child-care leave Leave of absence is allowed for a desired period until a child becomes 2 years old. 8 7 13 10 9
Reduced working hours Working hours may be reduced by up to 2 hours per day for raising a child. 22 25 28 28 30
Nursing care leave Leave of absence is allowed for a desired period within one year to take care of a family member in need of nursing care. 0 0 0 0 0
General care leave Paid leave for nursing care of a child (up to 10 days per year). 29 38 34 31 20
Family care leave Paid leave for nursing care of a family member in need of nursing care (up to 10 days per year). 4 4 5 10 10
  • *The number of beneficiaries in the child-care leave and nursing care leave are calculated based on the year employees started taking their leaves.

Employee welfare

A variety of systems are available in compliance with the three catchphrases of “Provision of security,” “Recreation” and “Promotion of residential house acquisition” for the promotion of employees’ welfare.

Major welfare programs of the Company:

  1. 1Provision of security

    Retirement benefits, corporate pensions, family allowance, housing allowances, condolence money, celebration of a birth, the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) association, group insurance, the reserve for pension and asset formation, multipurpose accommodation loans and the granting of company-owned houses to employees via job transfers

  2. 2Recreation

    Recreation facilities, in-house sports events (baseball, tennis and futsal), the Mitsubishi firms’ martial arts tournament, refresh leave (long-service and midlevel workers)

  3. 3Promotion of residential house acquisition

    Reserve for house acquisition and asset formation, in-house loans and tie-up loans

Mental healthcare initiatives

The Company considers it important to support every employee in having a purposeful life by ensuring systematic and constant care for his/her mental health.
To promote mental health care in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s guidelines for maintenance and promotion of mental health for workers, the Company has implemented a variety of initiatives such as reinforcement of in-house education and training, cultivation of dedicated staff in charge at operating sites, implementation of the stress check system based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act and improvement of networks via collaborations with external professional organizations.