Management Policy

The Group’s primary businesses are the Logistics Business with Warehousing & Distribution Business at its core, and the Real Estate Business, which focuses on the leasing of buildings.
Regarding the Logistics Business, the Group aims to organically and comprehensively operate each of the Overland Transportation, International Transportation and Harbor Transportation business centered on the Warehousing & Distribution Business by using information technologies. In the Real Estate Business, the Group aims to expand the leasing business primarily in office buildings and commercial facilities by effectively using the Group’s proprietary lands.
Through fair operations of these businesses, the group aims to ensure appropriate profits and stable growth, and provide returns to shareholders and employees, making contribution to realizing a prosperous society.
Viewed from the perspective of capital expenditure, warehousing is a business that entails a significant investment in facilities and requires a long period of time to recover invested capital due to the nature of the business, although efforts are made to secure profits at an earliest possible timing through efforts including improvements in profitability. This characteristic of warehousing also applies to the real estate business basically. Therefore, the Group should make such capital investments continuously according to relevant plans from medium- and long-term perspectives while also taking profit levels into consideration. By doing so, it will be able to establish stable management foundations.

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