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We research and analyze multi-layered FTA/EPA and propose an optimal global supply chain alongside our logistics services.

Outline of services

Our Global Supply-chain Concierge is a comprehensive consulting service in the domains of international logistics, with research and reporting on the best option in increasingly complex FTA/EPA at the core.
We research tariff classifications and rates for the increasingly complex and multi-layered trade agreements and support the development of customers’ optimal global supply chain alongside our logistics services, based on our database of tariffs all around the world and our cargo handling expertise and knowledge accumulated through ocean & air transportation operations.


  1. 1Research into available EPA and FTA
  2. 2Trial calculation of reduced tariff costs using EPA/FTA
  3. 3Research and comparison of tariff classifications (items, HS codes) and tariff rates around the world (nearly 50 countries)
  4. 4Analysis of import/export trends for your items handled in the international market
  5. 5Comparison of costs by procurement route in consideration of future tariffs
  6. 6Support the development of a global supply chain

Features of the service

Ensuring that a company is sufficiently compliant with the new FTA/EPA is expected to require months to nearly a year of preparation. This service also enables the comparison and analysis of future FTA-based tariffs and enables decision-making about whether the elimination or reduction of tariffs is immediately and directly beneficial and effective.
When providing this service, we visualize the customer’s global supply chain and optimize the product procurement routes and product manufacturing hubs in pursuit of the co-creation of new value as we work as our customers’ business partner.

Example of research (simulation)

Case study on import of cranberry juice from Vietnam to Japan

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