Order management outsourcing

Contributing to the improvement of the efficiency of order management operations leveraging significant expertise.

Outline of services

We provide agency services for the input operations of a core system for product shipping and returns, which are currently performed at the offices of customers that outsource their domestic distribution center operations to us.
We also handle tasks accompanying the above, such as the shipment of forms.

Features of the service

  • We perform operations for a customer at an optimal location according to their needs.
  • We efficiently manage operations using RPA and AI tools after careful operation analysis.

For customers:

  • Inputting order management processes into a system many times is a lot of work.
  • Who wants to outsource order management operations.

Solutions we provide

  • We will leverage our expertise in agency services and order management operations that we have accumulated over many years to improve the efficiency of your operations and contribute to the reduction of your costs.
  • This enables customers to assign valuable human resources to more value-added operations, which enables them to focus investments on their main businesses.
  • Placing our office in a remote location apart from a customer's office can reduce the risk of the discontinuity of operations in the event of a disaster or other emergency.


About logistics in Japan
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