Outsourcing of in-factory logistics and inventory control

Helping customers improve the productivity of logistics inside factories applying our long years of experience and expertise in warehouse management and operation.

Outline of services

We perform warehouse management and inventory control within customers' factories. We will contribute to the improvement of the production process at the customer's site by accepting parts, designing storage layouts, feeding parts to production lines, and temporarily storing semi-/finished products.

Customers are able to outsource in-factory logistics and inventory control to us.
We accept delivered or manufactured products at the storage area we operate inside the factory, and store them after changing the packing style, repackaging them, and carrying out other actions the customer requires.
We can also provide other services such as the attachment of identification labels or other slips when feeding goods to a production line, shipping goods according to the manufacturing order or time zone, delivering goods to the production line side, and transferring inventory between sites. In addition, we have a proven track record of handling products other than machinery.
To manage returnable containers, we control the inventory of customer assets such as returnable containers for domestic and overseas transportation, which helps reduce the burdens on the customer.

Features of the service

  • Through the deployment of our logistics experts and the utilization of our own warehouse management system (WMS), we will streamline and improve customers' logistics management.
  • We manage all kinds of parts, from small general-purpose components to large parts such as engines, and can also perform distribution processing such as packaging and changing the packing style according to the customer's needs.
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