The Mitsubishi Logistics Group operates DISTRIBUTION PARK MM2100 in the MM2100 Industrial Town in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia. This distribution hub is designed to fulfill production functions. Focusing on food and commodities, the hub supports the logistics needs of clients’ businesses throughout the entire process from expansion into Indonesia to the procurement of raw materials, production, inventory control, product distribution and export.

Storage in warehouses with four different temperature zones (halal section available)
Using refrigerator trucks for cold chain transportation (halal)
Truck-based transportation around Indonesia
Central kitchen
Distribution processing and inspection
International transportation (marine, aerial)

Location and outline

DISTRIBUTION PARK MM2100 is located in the MM2100 Industrial Town, the nearest of its kind to Jakarta. It has good access to Central Jakarta, the Port of Tanjung Priok and Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. Near the entrance to the industrial town, the facility is close to the Cikampek Expressway Cibitung Interchange in Jakarta which facilitates smooth transportation.


Kawasan Industri MM-2100 Blok G, Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17520, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Site area
Approx. 169,800 m2
Access to major areas
  • Approx. 24 km to Central Jakarta
  • Approx. 40 km to the Port of Tanjung Priok
  • Approx. 60 km to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport

Map of surrounding area

Inside MM2100 Industrial Town

Distribution center for food and commodities

DISTRIBUTION PARK MM2100 operates the MM2100 Distribution Center which handles the distribution of food and commodities. The distribution center uses halal refrigerator trucks to provide cold chain and other services in addition to cargo storage in four different temperature zones. Combined use of the distribution center and Build to Suit facility on the same premises makes it possible to integrate distribution hub and production hub operations.

MM2100 Distribution Center
Layout of the premises


  • The facility is available for many different applications that clients’ businesses may require, such as storing raw materials and products in the warehouse or use a distribution center.
  • Four different temperature zones (common temperature, constant temperature, chilled and frozen).
  • It also has a space for processing and cooking foodstuffs. This can be used as a central kitchen for a restaurant or convenience store.
  • The facility has acquired halal certification for warehouse storage and truck transportation and is suitable for handling materials such as food, medicinal products and cosmetics.
  • Uses halal refrigerator trucks to perform cold-chain transportation. Refrigerator truck movements are managed using GPS.
  • Truck transportation can operate between the warehouse and Jakarta capital area, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung and many other parts of Indonesia.
  • Inspection and other services for distribution processing are performed.
  • The facility has an emergency power generator in case a flood or similar disaster occurs.

Further, the Mitsubishi Logistics global network also caters to needs for international transportation (marine and air) for the procurement of raw materials and export of products.

Room-temperature warehouse
Cold insulating warehouse
Central kitchen area
Halal refrigerator trucks

Outline of the MM2100 Distribution Center

Total floor area

Approx. 18,000 m2 (including a 5,650 m2 constant-temperature area, a 860 m2 refrigerated area and a 1,420 m2 frozen area)

Building structure
Reinforced concrete, one-story (partly two-storied)
August 2017
Related services

Leasing of plant buildings

We build and rent out plant buildings geared for clients’ needs. Combined use with the Mitsubishi Logistics Group’s logistics service including the on-site warehouse (distribution center) can integrate the management of both production and logistics functions.

Diagram of the services

Advantages for clients

Smooth opening of the plant
  • We have already acquired the rights to use the plant site, so our clients can concentrate on setting up the plant.
  • A geological survey was conducted before DISTRIBUTION PARK MM2100 opened and the ground was confirmed to be suitable for the construction of a building. This can shorten the preparation period necessary for setting up the plant.
  • We design and construct Build to Suit plant buildings to suit the client’s needs.
Streamlining initial investment and running costs
  • We propose optimally sized plant sites to suit the client's needs.
  • Expenses for the site and plant building are borne on a rent basis. This can control initial investment and equalize costs.
  • A warehouse with four different temperature zones is operated on-site.Using the warehouse can streamline running costs by making it possible to, for example, use less space inside the plant for storage and minimize logistics devices to a minimum level.
Focus on production through the outsourcing of logistics operations
  • Our warehouse with four different temperature zones is available for use to store raw materials and products. The warehouse is halal certified and suitable for handling materials such as food, commodities and medicinal products.
  • Beyond the storage of cargo, we offer international transportation, delivery within Indonesia, cold chain transportation and other logistics services to help clients to solve logistics problems throughout all of their processes from the procurement of raw materials to the distribution and export of products.
Good access to Central Jakarta
  • DISTRIBUTION PARK MM2100 is in the MM2100 Industrial Town, the nearest of its kind to Jakarta, and it has good access to Central Jakarta and other major areas.


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