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Surrounded and isolated by sea, Japanese ports and harbors assume significant role as the gateway to link sea carriage and land transport, not only for overseas trade but domestic distribution. At all major ports in Japan Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation undertakes overall cargo operations to serve among cargo owners and ocean carriers.

Container terminal operations

For containerized shipments Mitsubishi Logistics provides full range of container terminal operations at all major container ports, namely Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Hakata, including vessel loading / unloading, marshalling / storage in the yard, delivery / receipt at the terminal gates.
Our safe and high-productive terminal operations fully supported and guaranteed by advanced IT systems - independently developed - always deserve the best satisfaction and reputation by those valued customers.

Conventional vessel operations

As for non-containerized shipments, including super heavy / oversized cargo, automobiles and self-propelled vehicles, etc., Mitsubishi Logistics likewise provides full range of cargo handling operations guaranteed by technical know-how and long-term experience in stevedoring service for conventional / heavy duty vessels and RO / RO (Roll-on · Roll-off) carriers, etc.

Miscellaneous port operations

Other than the above Mitsubishi Logistics offers the first-class services for miscellaneous / ancillary operations such as CFS (Container Freight Station), inland CY (Container Yard) / ECD (Empty Container Depot), container haulage and vessel husbanding agencies.


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