Internal reporting system

To ensure early detection of actions that violate legal ordinances or corporate regulations, as well as actions that are in danger of violating such rules, Mitsubishi Logistics has established a corporate ethics help line (contact: CSR Compliance Team, General Affairs Division) as an internal whistle-blowing and consultation mechanism to reinforce compliance management. Firm rules are strictly applied to prohibit the firing or reprisal of an employee based on such whistle-blowing and to prevent the disclosure of his or her personal information. Of course, anonymous whistle-blowing is also recognized.

CSR and Compliance Committee: responsible for driving CSR initiatives, including enhancement of Mitsubishi Logistics Group compliance management and environment protection activities

Authorized Warehouse Operators' Program

Authorized Warehouse Operator Certificate

The Authorized Warehouse Operators' Program is a system for certifying managers of bonded warehouses and bonded factories as authorized warehouse operators after they meet set conditions concerning compliance and other regulations. These authorizations ensure preferential treatment such as implementation of simplified procedures requiring only notification of building bonded warehouses, exemptions from permit fees, etc. This program was introduced as part of the Japanese AEO (authorized economic operator) system in October 2007 with the goal of enhancing security and improving efficiency of international logistics.
Mitsubishi Logistics received approval as an authorized warehouse operator from the Tokyo Commissioner of Customs on April 8, 2008. We continue to enhance compliance activities in customs-related processes and all other import / export services in our sincere attempt to provide highly reliable and dependable logistics services for our customers.

*AEO system
AEO (authorized economic operator) is a system that works to establish security while streamlining international logistics based on partnerships between private enterprises and the Customs Office.