Basic concept and information

Basic stance on corporate governance

In consideration of the importance of realizing effective corporate governance according to the basic principles of the Corporate Governance Code, the Company seeks to reward its employees and shareholders through the sustainable growth and development of businesses, execute operations properly under a definite management system, ensure the transparency and efficiency of management, disclose information in a timely manner, and engage in constructive dialog with its shareholders.

Corporate philosophy, etc.

  1. 1The Company's corporate philosophy is to engage in sincere and fair business activities to secure appropriate profits and promote steady growth, appropriately compensating our employees and stakeholders while contributing to the realization of an affluent and sustainable society. With this in mind, as rules and a charter to be strictly followed by executives and employees during the course of executing duties, the Company has formulated a “Code of Conduct” as described below, and clearly states its position to actively work toward thorough compliance with related laws, in addition to environmental protection and social contribution, etc.
    1. 1We shall comply with laws, ordinances and rules that enable us to honestly and fairly carry out business activities without deviating from social norms.
    2. 2We shall appropriately disclose corporate information in a timely manner to enhance broad communications with society.
    3. 3We shall continue to have no contact or relations with any antisocial forces that might pose a threat to the public order and safety of civil society.
    4. 4We recognize the importance of environmental issues and shall actively cooperate with diverse activities for environmental preservation.
    5. 5We shall provide people with safe, high-quality and socially valuable services, and endeavor to conduct social contribution projects as a “good corporate citizen” while taking into account coordination with local communities and international society.
  2. 2The Group’s primary businesses are the Logistics Business with Warehousing & Distribution Business at its core, and the Real Estate Business, which focuses on the leasing of buildings.
    Regarding the Logistics Business, the Group aims to organically and comprehensively operate each of the Overland Transportation, International Transportation and Harbor Transportation businesses centered on the Warehousing & Distribution Business by using DX and other new technologies. In the Real Estate Business, the Group aims to expand the leasing business primarily in office buildings and commercial facilities by effectively using the Group’s proprietary lands.
    Through fair operations of these businesses, which are both responsible for providing social infrastructure, the Group will ensure appropriate profits and stable growth, provide returns to shareholders and employees, resolve social issues and protect society and customers' businesses by providing disaster-resistant, safe and secure infrastructure services and reducing environmental burden in business operations, and thus make a contribution to realizing a prosperous and sustainable society.
    Due to the nature of both businesses, which requires us to secure land, building and facilities, etc. suited to the business, as well as formulate and implement business plans to utilize these assets, we will engage in securing and developing human resources, our human capital, and invest management resources including funds in a continuous and planned manner from a long-term standpoint with the aim of sustainablty expanding and developing these businesses.
  3. 3The overview of the current Management Plan (2022-2024) is presented in the Company's website.
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