Warehouses/distribution centers

Operating nationwide and worldwide logistics facilities that play central roles in supply chains, from procurement to logistics and sales.

Outline of services

Mitsubishi Logistics operates warehouses and distribution centers throughout Japan and overseas (North America, China, Asia, Europe).
We are able to meet a broad range of needs leveraging our integrated services that include warehouse storage, transportation and information systems.
We can also perform distribution processing including inspection, packing and assembly, and provide order management and repair center services. We are capable of handling almost any type of cargo, including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and chemicals.

Introduction of the facilities

Automated multistory storage
A movable automatic crane carries the pallets with items stored on them to and from the shelves.
Document storage shelves
Important preserved documents are stored in a highly secure facility.
Refrigerated storage for pharmaceuticals
The refrigerated storage with temperature monitoring is used to store vaccines and other pharmaceuticals at low temperatures.

Distribution processing

With the wealth of knowledge and experience in distribution processing that is possessed, Mitsubishi Logistics also provides numerous services that add significant value including inspections for products including food and Western liquors, a wide variety of packing and packaging, and the assembly and electrical testing of precision instruments.

Packing into sets
We provide a service that packs multiple items into sets. We also offer a parts assembly service.
We evaluate products to separate good and defective products.
Repair center
We repair and maintain computer monitors and televisions. (United States)

Global logistics network


About logistics in Japan
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