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Mitsubishi Logistics operates warehouses and distribution centers throughout the world.
We are able to meet a broad range of logistics needs through the full integration of warehouse storage, transportation and delivery, and our information systems.
We also handle distribution processing, such as inspection, packing and assembly, provide order management services and operate repair centers. We welcome almost any type of cargo, from food products and beverages to pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and chemicals.

Cold storage warehouse



Distribution processing

Mitsubishi Logistics boasts valuable and wide-ranging distributive processing know-how. We provide numerous value-added services such as inspections for food and liquor products, a wide variety of packing and encasing, as well as assembly and electrical testing for precision instruments.

Set packing

We offer set packing - combining several products for shipping as well as parts assembly work.

Inspection work

We have facilities for separating defective and non-defective goods.

Repair center

We provide repair services for personal computers and monitors in the U.S.A..

Introduction to our facilities

Multistory automated storage

Portable, automatic cranes carry pallets of products to and from shelves.


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Information system services

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