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Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We want to export our products overseas but they must be delivered within a specified period at the lowest cost possible. We are not sure which method is best - ship, airplane, cargo train or truck. Our preference is to have one company handle the entire process including delivery to the overseas destination.
    We are also considering importing products, but are still investigating costs and transportation methods.

Provide the optimum solution

Mitsubishi Logistics proposes an optimal transportation method combining several transportation modes to meet your time and cost requirements, and we deliver the cargo to its final destination without fail.


Mitsubishi Logistics employs the services of a wide range of steamship lines and airlines to establish a highly flexible transportation mode. We handle the entire process, including the bill of lading (B/L)* at the final leg of delivery.

Our overall services

An example of international combined multimodal transportation

*B/L (Bill of Lading)
The B/L is a security that the shipping company provides to the client, indicating the power of disposition to the client of the transport goods to be delivered.
This must be presented in order to receive the shipment at the place of arrival.
The shipping company must bear the transportation responsibilities as declared in the B/L.

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