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Meeting specific customer needs to help streamline business

  • We are considering consolidating many of the factories and distribution centers we are currently managing. We are interested in efficient management in storage facilities used in cooperation with other cargo owners, while reducing our overall impact on the environment.

Provide the optimum solution

  • Mitsubishi Logistics has exactly what you need. Through consolidation of the multiple facilities of multiple customers, we are able to provide a joint storage facility that significantly reduces environmental impacts.


Mitsubishi Logistics specializes in offering high quality handling and joint shipping of same kind of products for multiple customers.

Our overall services

  • Mitsubishi Logistics contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts on behalf of our customers.
  • Through consolidation of multiple distribution centers of multiple customers and the initiation of joint shipping methods, We can streamline logistics, reduce transportation costs and lower the impact on the environment.

Joint storage workflow

Recommended service

Logistics streamlining (efficiency improvement) / cost reduction

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