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Information system services

The following are a few examples of the utilization of information systems in logistics services.

Ocean import related system

For imported goods, once Mitsubishi Logistics obtains information from the customer, we manage information about transport status per B/L (bill of landing) such as ocean transport, customs clearance and, particularly for goods imported by ocean containers, delivery status to the delivery place or our warehousing facility through utilizing our system.
We can also provide updated information to customers via the Internet.

Application image

Warehousing / distribution center operations system

Mitsubishi Logistics' information system supports inventory management in the storage / distribution center, sorting according to delivery destination, and delivery arrangements using the optimum transport method.
Online shipping orders obtained from the customer via EDI are directly entered into the system and handled accurately and rapidly.
We use a specialized system for delicate cargo, such as pharmaceutical products, to provide the optimum service to meet particular handling requirements.

Document management related system

Documents received from the customer are managed in boxes or other appropriate units. Mitsubishi Logistics uses a system that provides comprehensive document management including shipping / delivery orders, content searches and management of retention period all via the Internet.
The customer is notified in advance by mail as the expiration of the retention period approaches, on a date set by the customer. We also provide solution processing for document disposal.

Application image

Internet-based inventory information management system

Mitsubishi Logistics' inventory information management system lightens the load of logistics operations for the customer. The system enables the customer to make inventory inquiries, place shipping orders and download monthly inventory data / shipping data by item, etc., via the Internet.
For imported goods, management by customs clearance status is also available in this system.

Application image

Internet-based cargo information management system

This system enables the customer to view the delivery / arrival status of the goods shipped from the warehouse / distribution center via the Internet. Delivery status inquiry based on the individual delivery vehicle is also available.