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Ocean import related system (system name: M-CAT21)

Typical customer

Parts procurement division of a truck manufacturer

Provide solutions for such needs

This system can solve all your logistics issues concerning truck parts imported from abroad.

Standard service

We want to outsource the entire operation from customs clearance at the port, when parts arrive in the importing country, to direct container delivery to the factory in that country. We also need to be able to check the cargo status of each shipment via the Internet.

System management starts after Mitsubishi Logistics receives notice of cargo arrival. The system allows you to confirm whether the shipment has cleared customs or not, the container has been delivered or not, etc.

We want to manage statistics of actual import results and use it for in-house data.

You will be able to download the import results as statistical data after the entire logistics process is completed.

Optional services (upon request)

Mitsubishi Logistics also provides individual services depending on the customer's request. Additional charges may be required in some cases. Please contact us for details.

As it is too time consuming to track each process, such as when the parts we ordered from an overseas supplier will arrive in the importing country and when they will be delivered to the factory, we would like to be able to view such information in list format.

Once Mitsubishi Logistics confirm and manage entire shipping status on behalf of the customer, the status list by order number etc. can be viewed in the system that manages whole process such as shipping out from the factory at origin, in/out at the warehouse at the exporting country, export customs clearance, departure from port of origin, arrival at port of discharge, import customs clearance and storage at the warehouse.

The procedure for shipping sample products overseas from the supplier and the arrival procedures in the importing country are too complicated to handle. Can we manage it via the Internet?

Progress management for small shipments such as samples is also available.

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