Deep frozen Logistics for regenerative medicine (clinical trial products)

Mitsubishi Logistics supports supply chains for regenerative medicine (clinical trial products) and other products that require strict ultra low temperature control.

Customers' issues and situations

  • We want somebody to store sample cells that require strict ultra low temperature control for long periods of time.
  • We want to build a supply chain system for clinical trial products that require strict ultra low temperature control.
  • Because they are genetically modified products regulated under the Cartagena Act, we want to outsource them to a logistics company that has a management system that takes diffusion prevention measures.
  • Since transportation arises due to the physical condition of the examinee, we want to outsource them to a logistics company that supports emergency delivery.
  • We also want the company to support a supply chain system for the products after they are placed on the market.
Clinical trial product picking work
Tonomachi Bio Logistics Center storage area

Solutions we provide

  • The Yokohama Branch's Tonomachi Bio Logistics Center (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa) and the Kobe Branch's Shinko No.2 Warehouse (Kobe City, Hyogo) ensure a robust cold chain using deep freezers at various temperature ranges and gas-phase liquid nitrogen freeze storage containers for storage and management and by controlling temperatures even during operations.
    Regarding transportation, they customize transportation containers such as dry shippers to be appropriate for the customer's clinical trial products and provide real-time temperature monitoring services during transportation. They also support the long-term storage of sample cells, etc.
  • They have internally established a safety committee for the use of genetically modified organisms, etc. and have installed the required equipment to appropriately manage targeted items, including diffusion prevention measures for items up to BSL2.
  • They always prepare dry shippers in their logistics bases and have a delivery system that enables delivery on the day following the receipt of the order for trials that require emergency support.
  • They also support the building of a supply chain system after marketing, such as the operation support for the management of wholesaler licenses for regenerative medicines and other products.


BSL2 supporting equipment
  • We provide organizations, procedures, and various GDP-compliant equipment dedicated for ultra low temperature control work.
  • We provide the service at two bases in the East and West regions (Kawasaki and Kobe) and can support customers' BCP from the perspective of transportation.


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